Outdoor Recreation in West Vancouver-Sea to Sky

Supporting Outdoor Recreation

Protecting Outdoor Recreation, and Expanding Parks.  
For many of us, enjoying the great outdoors is one of the best parts of living in the Sea to Sky – whether it is skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, cycling, or just going for a walk on the West Vancouver Seawall. I know it is important, because at some point in my life I have enjoyed doing all those activities.    
BC’s system of parks and protected areas, the largest of any province, lets us balance recreational access with conservation. That’s why the BC Liberal Government has expanded BC’s parks, including Halkett Bay on Gambier Island, and approved the construction of three new year-round backcountry huts along the Spearhead traverse near Whistler. More than half of the land in the Sea to Sky Forest District is under some form of conservation or protection, and is not available for logging.   
More Campsites in Sea to Sky
BC’s great outdoors draws tourists from around the world, helping support a diversified economy, but it’s also enjoyed by those of us who live here. To make it easier to get a campsite at Porteau Cove, Alice Lake, Nairn Falls, or in the backcountry of Garibaldi Park, the BC Liberal Government is investing $35 million in BC’s parks.

  • We have implemented a new campsite reservation system to make high-demand sites in places like Alice Lake Park more accessible to everyone. 
  • We are creating 900 new campsites in high-demand parks, including those in the Sea to Sky corridor. Province-wide, 350 of these campsites will be open in time for this year’s camping season, including over 50 more sites in the Sea to Sky.  
  • We have also invested $5.4 million in safety and mobility upgrades to the Sea-to-Sky Highway to help tourists and locals alike get on the move.
Supporting Search and Rescue Teams
As a former paramedic and ski patroller, I know that adventures in the great outdoors sometimes do not work out as planned, and the unexpected can happen. To make sure that help is available when accidents happen in the back-country, the BC Liberal Government has committed an additional $10 million in funding for volunteer Search and Rescue groups across the province. We have also introduced a $3,000 tax credit for rescue volunteers in recognition of the many hours they dedicate to helping others.  

Our Parks system is one of the most important parts of the Sea to Sky area - important to both residents and to keep our tourism industry growing. As your representative, I am committed to ensuring we create an outstanding experience for all and will continue to work on improvements over the next 4 years.  
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