Jordan Sturdy-Working for Squamish

Working for Squamish

It has been a privilege to represent Squamish over the last 4 years. 

Squamish is a dynamic and diverse community that is seeing both the benefits and the challenges of unprecedented growth.  
Squamish has a broad range of job and business opportunities for people to realize their dreams while living in an unparalleled setting. Whether industries are Knowledge based, Tourism based, Recreation based, Retail based, or Resource based, there is really no limit to opportunity here in Squamish. We need to create the environment that lets small business people thrive and do their thing. 

However, increasing success has not been without its challenges. 

I have spent considerable time laying the groundwork for and getting a commitment from the Provincial Government to pay its share in order to make the service a reality. Working with local and regional governments and First Nations we can put in place transit services from Pemberton to Whistler, to Squamish, and on to Metro Vancouver – saving commuters money, reducing congestion and GHG emissions, and making it easier for more people to visit Squamish and Whistler without having to drive the Highway. 
Affordable Housing is a priority for Squamish. When the Provincial and Municipal Governments, along with volunteers and community organizations work together, real progress is made. With BC Housing, I have been pleased to work on the Centrepoint project for seniors housing and housing for vulnerable populations as a start. The introduction of a foreign buyers tax cooled the Metro Vancouver and Squamish real estate markets, and the Province has created several programs to help first time home buyers make home ownership a reality for more people in Squamish. 
Outdoor Recreation is the reason many of us moved here. There is an incredible inventory of trails, of hiking, skiing, biking, kite surfing, rock climbing opportunities and more. It is almost endless. This is a great place to be. We need to maintain and enhance this experience. I am committed to continue working with municipalities, volunteer organizations, and business to develop more trails, gain better access, and longer term tenures.  

We must maintain the outstanding recreation experience we have for both visitors and those of us lucky enough to live here.
Regional Transit, tangible affordable housing opportunities, and unparalleled outdoor recreation experiences: these are my top Squamish priorities for the next 4 years.  

Some of my top achievements for Squamish: 


  • Provincial support for Centrepoint project, which will have 32 units of social housing; part of an investment in over five thousand new housing units across the province;
  • BC HOME program, which provides families with help putting together a down payment on their first home – BC’s largest investment in affordable housing, supporting more than forty thousand families over the next three years;
  • Taxes on foreign ownership to discourage speculation.

Health Care & Social services:
  • New operating room at Squamish Hospital;
  • $400,000 in capital funding for renovations for Hilltop House, and over half a million dollars in funding for the ongoing operation of the new hospice beds that will be created
  • Investing in childcare in ways that give parents flexibility, such as a $400,000 investment in a new home for the Squamish Montessori pre-school.  The BC Liberal government has a target of adding 5,000 new childcare spaces next year, on top of our existing subsidy of existing spaces;
  • Making it easier for childcare workers with qualifications from outside of BC to transfer those qualifications to BC;
  • Developing a regional transit plan for the Sea-to-Sky corridor, to make it easier to get to and from Squamish

Environmental stewardship and recreation:

  • Cumulative impacts assessment framework;
  • Investing in clean energy, such as Carbon Engineering in Squamish – a project that will transform carbon in the air into a low-cost, carbon-neutral fuel;
  • $35 million in new funding for BC Parks over the next three years;
  • Adding 900 new campsites to high-demand parks like Alice Lake, and 1,000 new forestry campsites throughout the province; New camp sites on Squamish Valley.  
  • $10 million in additional funding for search and rescue groups, as well as a $3,000 tax credit for search and rescue volunteers.

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