Jordan Sturdy: On the Issues

A Strong & Diverse Economy 
British Columbia is leading Canada in economic growth and job creation because of our strong and diverse economy. We are protecting the environment while creating opportunities for good  paying, family supporting jobs and investments in the Sea to Sky and around British Columbia.  

West Vancouver-Sea to Sky is a microcosm of British Columbia and is an incredibly diverse area that supports a variety of industries.   Our strength is that industries like Tourism, Forestry, Transportation, Energy, Residential Development, and Agriculture can work together to ensure that we have a sustainable future, and allow many people to pursue their individual goals.  

Job creation has always been the heart of the BC Liberals vision for BC: because we know that a job is the best way to be able to look after the people you love. 

Since the launch of the BC Jobs Plan our province: 
  • leads Canada in job creation with over 191,500 jobs created. We moved up from 9th place.   
  • has gone from the 4th lowest unemployment rate to the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at 5.8%. 
  • has seen a 10% increase in exports to $36 billion annually 
  • had an 18% increase in capital investment to $78 billion annually. 
  • now leads the country in Economic Growth.  
Our goal is that B.C. will be the most diversified economy in Canada by 2022.

Keeping taxes low by controlling Government spending keeps more money in your pocket. Delivering on 5 consecutive balanced budgets has put BC on track to make record investments in British Columbia’s people and services.  

Affordable Housing
Affordable housing has been an important issue in West Vancouver-Sea to Sky.  The BC Liberal Government has worked to address some of the challenges both by supporting rental housing projects and by implementing policies to help buyers and to address market distortions.  

BC is a highly desirable place to live, work, and raise a family. High demand for housing has increased the value of homes and resulted in affordability challenges for too many British Columbians.

  • The BC Liberal government has taken strong action to address these challenges, including investing to create almost 5,000 new affordable housing units, and imposing a 15% tax on foreign buyers.  We  are fine tuning the Foreign Buyers Tas and recently made modifications to exclude people coming to BC on work permits.  
  • In West Vancouver-Sea to Sky, I have worked with volunteers, Sea to Sky Community Services, and other levels of Government to build 32 units of affordable housing for low and moderate income individuals and families.  
  • For those who are looking to buy their first home, we have initiated the BC Home Partnership to help qualified British Columbians buying their first home.  They can now borrow up to $37,500 interest and payment free for the first 5 years. The BC Home Owner Mortgage and Equity (BC HOME) Partnership will enable more British Columbians to start building their nest egg by giving them a hand up with that down payment for their first home.
  •  Since 2001, the B.C. government has invested $4.9 billion to provide affordable housing for low income individuals, seniors and families.
I will continue to work on affordable housing in the growing Sea to Sky region, and work to ensure the people who want to live here can afford to do so.  

Supporting Outdoor Recreation

Protecting Outdoor Recreation, and Expanding Parks.  
For many of us, enjoying the great outdoors is one of the best parts of living in the Sea to Sky – whether it is skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, cycling, or just going for a walk on the West Vancouver Seawall. I know it is important, because at some point in my life I have enjoyed doing all those activities.    
BC’s system of parks and protected areas, the largest of any province, lets us balance recreational access with conservation. That’s why the BC Liberal Government has expanded BC’s parks, including Halkett Bay on Gambier Island, and approved the construction of three new year-round backcountry huts along the Spearhead traverse near Whistler. More than half of the land in the Sea to Sky Forest District is under some form of conservation or protection, and is not available for logging.   
More Campsites in Sea to Sky
BC’s great outdoors draws tourists from around the world, helping support a diversified economy, but it’s also enjoyed by those of us who live here. To make it easier to get a campsite at Porteau Cove, Alice Lake, Nairn Falls, or in the backcountry of Garibaldi Park, the BC Liberal Government is investing $35 million in BC’s parks.

*We have implemented a new campsite reservation system to make high-demand sites in places like Alice Lake Park more accessible to everyone.
*We are creating 900 new campsites in high-demand parks, including those in the Sea to Sky corridor. Provincewide, 350 of these campsites will be open in time for this year’s camping season, including over 50 more sites in the Sea to Sky.  

*We have also invested $5.4 million in safety and mobility upgrades to the Sea-to-Sky Highway to help tourists and locals alike get on the move.
Supporting Search and Rescue Teams
As a former paramedic and ski patroller, I know that adventures in the great outdoors sometimes do not work out as planned, and the unexpected can happen. To make sure that help is available when accidents happen in the back-country, the BC Liberal Government has committed an additional $10 million in funding for volunteer Search and Rescue groups across the province. We have also introduced a $3,000 tax credit for rescue volunteers in recognition of the many hours they dedicate to helping others.   
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