Improving the Environment

Improving the Environment in Sea to Sky

In farming, you learn quickly that environmental stewardship and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand.  Over the last hundred years, Howe Sound has seen the negative impacts of ignoring the environment.  We’re now seeing a renewal in Howe Sound, thanks to tighter environmental regulations and the efforts of many organizations and volunteers.  At the same time, we’re seeing economic growth from established sectors like forestry as well as new industries, like clean energy.  That’s the way forward.

The BC Liberal government is thinking holistically about the environment and the economy.

  • In forestry: Supporting a sustainable, renewable industry while also adding almost seven thousand old growth forest management areas – including several in West Vancouver - Sea to Sky
  • In Howe Sound: Launching the Cumulative Effects Assessment Framework so that the environmental impacts of economic development projects are not considered in isolation – to keep Howe Sound vibrant and beautiful for our children.

Taking action on climate change

When it comes to climate change, talk is cheap. The BC Liberal Government is taking action: We implemented Canada’s first carbon tax, which recently won one of 13 United Nations “Momentum for Change” awards.  Not only is this the strongest carbon pricing measure in Canada; it is also revenue neutral, which means that every dollar we bring in though the carbon tax is returned to British Columbians through reductions in other taxes. 

In addition to the carbon tax, we’re also:
  • Working with forestry companies to reforest areas hardest hit by fire and the Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation and manage forestry operations more efficiently which will reduce our carbon emissions by 12 million tonnes by 2050;
  • Empowering municipalities to require new buildings to be ready for electric vehicle chargers; and,
  • Investing in clean energy, such as Carbon Engineering in Squamish – a project that will transform carbon in the air into a low-cost, carbon-neutral fuel.
  • The BC Liberal government has made BC a leader in Canada and in the world for climate action at the same time as we have made the province a leader in economic growth and employment.  With your support, we can keep this balance going!
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