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Re-Elect Jordan Sturdy

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It has been a privilege to represent West Vancouver-Sea to Sky as your MLA in Victoria these past 4 years.  I have worked hard to listen and understand the issues that are important to residents, local government, and business.  If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for the diverse interests and priorities of the region.  

British Columbians are among the most fortunate citizens of the world. We have resources in abundance, a well-managed economy, an environment that is envied around the world, and a governance structure that is reliable and innovative. British Columbia has one of Canada’s strongest and most diverse economies with consecutive balanced budgets year after year. 

We have seen that a desire for change can lead to unexpected and even undesirable outcomes. Change in British Columbia, like what we experienced in the 1990’s, would mean poor fiscal management, bad resource policies, and excessive taxation; all of which could quickly turn growth to decline and send investors to other places to innovate, build, create jobs and pay taxes. 

Over the last decade the BC Liberals have shown that prudent fiscal management, expanded trade and a focus on job creation can generate the tax revenue we need to provide British Columbians with core services like health care and education.  

West Vancouver-Sea to Sky is a diverse riding with enormous opportunity and potential. I hope to be able to continue to represent the issues that are most important - whether it be housing and development, recreational land use, training and education or health care.  
I will work hard to ensure we keep British Columbia "The Best Place on Earth"

Who Is Jordan Sturdy

Jordan Sturdy is a hard-working, entrepreneurial, self-starter who understands the full range of issues in the riding at the local, regional and provincial level. As a small business owner, farmer, recreation enthusiast and experienced politician, Jordan understands the complexities and diversity of the riding.

Jordan served as a BC Ambulance Paramedic for more than 20 years as well as a Professional Ski Patroller and mountain rescue specialist in Whistler. 

Jordan grew up in Vancouver, attending Magee Secondary School, Vancouver Community College, Langara College and the University of British Columbia.

Jordan and his wife Trish own North Arm Farm.   Together they transformed 60 acres of raw land into Pemberton's "Family Farm Experience", a productive farm which sells organic vegetables to restaurants in Whistler and Vancouver and is a thriving agri-tourism attraction in its own right.

Jordan entered public service as a local trustee for the Pemberton Valley Dyking District and also served the Sea to Sky Corridor in a variety of capacities, including as a member of the Squamish Lillooet Regional District Board, Director of the Fraser Basin Council, Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee Executive Committee Member, SLRD Hospital District Chair, and Sea to Sky Regional Hospital District Director.

From 2005 to 2013, Jordan served as Mayor of Pemberton. He has also served as President of the Whistler Farmers’ Market Society and Director of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets. 

Jordan is an avid skier and mountain biker. He also enjoys golf, boating, mountaineering, road cycling and hiking.  Jordan was a 
Ski Patrol/Avalanche Technician at Whistler Blackcomb from 1989 to 2013. 
Jordan continues to believe that 

  • Good fiscal management and a balanced budget are key to a prosperous British Columbia.   
  • Economic growth and job creation are essential if British Columbians of all ages are going to have opportunities to fulfill their dreams and ambitions, and to continue growing provincial revenue for social priorities like health care and education.    
  • The environment must continue to be a top priority in all provincial government decisions.
  • Natural resources continue to provide a foundation of the British Columbian economy and must continue to be a key source of provincial economic strength.  
  • Seniors deserve more transit, health care, recreation and other services from the provincial government.
  • First Nations concerns and expectations must be addressed to improve opportunities, especially for aboriginal youth.  
  • Family housing must be made more affordable through the continued application of the foreign buyer tax; more public funds for rental housing; more stringent regulation of realtors; and collection of all appropriate taxes from those earning income from the buying and selling of family homes.

On The Issues

A Diversified Economy
British Columbia, and West Vancouver-Sea to Sky need a diversified economy to grow and prosper in an increasingly competitive world. Read More
Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing has been a top issue in the area, and the BC Liberal Government has made worked to address these challenges both by supporting projects and implementing other policies to help buyers and address market distortions. Read More   
Supporting Outdoor Recreation
For many of us, enjoying the great outdoors is one of the best parts of living in the Sea to Sky – whether it is skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, cycling, or just going for a walk on the West Vancouver Seawall. I know it is important, because at some point in my life I have enjoyed doing all those activities.  Read More
Transportation and Cycling
All across the riding, I hear concerns about transportation – from too much traffic in West Vancouver, to the lack of transit between communities in the north of the corridor. Being able to get around is key to sustaining and managing growth in our communities. That’s why improving transportation in this regions is a priority to me. Read More
Improving the environment
In farming, you learn quickly that environmental stewardship and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand. Over the last hundred years, Howe Sound has seen the negative impacts of ignoring the environment. We’re now seeing a renewal in Howe Sound, thanks to tighter environmental regulations and the efforts of many organizations and volunteers. At the same time, we’re seeing economic growth from established sectors like forestry as well as new industries, like clean energy. That’s the way forward. Read More

It has been a privilege to represent Squamish over the last 4 years.   Squamish is a dynamic and diverse community that is seeing both the benefits and the challenges of unprecedented growth.  
Squamish has a broad range of job and business opportunities for people to realize their dreams while living in an unparalleled setting/  There is really no limit to opportunity here in Squamish. We need to create the environment that lets small business people thrive and do their thing. 


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